About health improvement of schoolchildren of the Brest region during the winter holidays 2020-2021

The happy and cheerful time of children's recreation during the winter holidays is over and the children will remember with nostalgia the interesting time spent in health camps.
For many working parents, a day-stay health camp is the most beneficial way out. Attending school camp, the child does not break away from the family, is under the control of teachers.
The undoubted plus of the health camp is three high-grade hot meals a day. Having sent the child to the camp, parents can be sure that everything they need is provided for him: varied meals, useful and interesting activities and outdoor activities. In a short time, your child will be able to learn something new, meet new friends, get positive emotions and a positive charge.
During the winter holidays, 4.9 thousand schoolchildren of the Brest region were rehabilitated. The work of 198 camps was organized on the bases of institutions of general secondary education.
The average cost of a voucher to a health camp with a day stay on average in the region was 39 rubles 50 kopecks. Each child received state assistance in the form of a reduction in the cost of vouchers in the amount of 4 rubles 20 kopecks per bed-day.
Every day in the camps was scheduled by the minute. Every day, exciting game programs, quizzes, relay races, competitions between squads, sportslands, music competitions, trips to the theater, walks to the New Year tree, various competitions of drawings and crafts dedicated to winter and New Year's and Christmas holidays, and other various events were held.
For example, the rescuer Ratuik, the hero of the cartoon "Paw Patrol", which many children fell in love with, visited the schoolchildren in the health camp at the secondary school No. 4 in Pruzhany. During the meeting, the fairytale rescuer talked with the students about safety for the New Year, how to behave near a pond, how to move around during icy conditions and how to act during a fire. The guys answered the questions of the representative of the regional department for emergency situations, repeated the safety rules together with Ratuyka. All children who actively participated in the conversation and answered the questions correctly received gifts.


In addition, each child was able to attend additional classes that were organized at the request of students. Classes were held in mathematics, physics, foreign languages, Russian and Belarusian languages ​​and other academic subjects.
In the conditions of an unfavorable epidemic situation, special attention was paid to the safety of children staying in health camps.
In accordance with the Temporary Guidelines for the Prevention of the Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19), when organizing the work of health and spa organizations, which were developed by competent services before the start of the summer health campaign, all health camps ensured daily monitoring of the health of children. regular wet cleaning of all rooms using disinfectants. At the morning reception of children, thermometry was carried out, maximum separation of children was ensured when organizing daytime sleep, nutrition. Entertainment programs were organized in such a way as to exclude the presence of a large number of children in one place and mainly in the fresh air. During the medical examination, receiving, distributing food and serving the dinner tables, the camp workers used personal protective equipment.