On the results of the work of the Vitebsk Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population in 2020

At the end of 2020, the Representative Office of the Vitebsk Regional Directorate for the improvement of the population and sanatorium-resort treatment improved 12.6 thousand people. 2405.7 thousand rubles from the republican budget and 5786.0 thousand rubles from social insurance funds were allocated for health improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment of citizens of the region.
Particular attention was paid to improving the health of children in health camps of all types. So, in 2020, more than 58 thousand children were rehabilitated in children's health and sports and health camps in the region, for which 4437.4 thousand rubles were spent at the expense of the republican budget.
On the territory of the Vitebsk region there are 12 sanatorium-resort and 10 health-improving organizations. In addition, during the summer period, there are 29 health camps (including 5 sports and health camps) and three student sanatoriums. In 2020, about 73 thousand people underwent rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort treatment in the health resorts of the region, of which 13 thousand are foreign citizens. The proceeds from the sale of services amounted to 47.6 million rubles. The average occupancy rate was 60%.
The sanatoriums of the Vitebsk region are equipped with the most modern medical equipment for complex spa treatment, diagnostics and health improvement of the population. Despite the unfavorable epidemiological situation in connection with the coronavirus infection, it was possible to preserve the bases of sanatorium and recreation organizations and the staff of workers. Every year, considerable funds are spent on strengthening the material and technical base, new methods of treatment are being introduced, which adapt to the realities of the present time.
The state institution "Sanatorium "Borovoe" of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus introduced a method of treatment in a barocapsule - general normoxic barotherapy. The use of normoxic therapeutic compression provides natural rejuvenation of the body without surgical interventions, aggressive chemistry and painful procedures, normalizes blood pressure, restores working capacity, immunity. Helps with dysregulation of cerebral circulation: vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension, hypotension, migraine, cerebral atherosclerosis; eliminates the consequences of stroke, heart attack, concussion, etc.

Programs for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients after suffering pneumonia, aggravated by coronavirus infection, and other acute respiratory diseases have been developed. So, in the subsidiary unitary enterprise "Sanatorium "Lettsy" a new type of medical services was introduced - halotherapy. A salt cave was equipped in the medical building.During a halotherapy session, the air is filled with microscopic sodium chloride ions, which penetrating into the lungs improve the drainage function (cleanse, all respiratory paths down to the smallest bronchi), reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract, create an antibacterial environment, and heal the skin. The course of treatment in a salt cave is indicated for the rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.), allergies, ENT pathology, frequent acute respiratory viral infections, skin diseases, as well as for the prevention of pulmonary and allergic diseases, improvement of the condition and improvement of the skin, activation of the body's defense mechanisms.

Highly qualified specialists of the subsidiary unitary enterprise "Sanatorium "Lesnye Ozera" have developed a new set of measures and procedures using a shock wave therapy device. accelerating wound healing, increasing the strength of ligaments and tendons, recovering from fractures, etc.
All work to improve the quality of patient care, create conditions for strengthening health, recuperation and psycho-emotional relief are aimed at attracting the population to sanatorium treatment and health improvement.