On the results of work on health improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population in the Brest region in 2020

Great importance is attached in the field of sanatorium treatment and health improvement of the population. In February of this year, both in the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population, and in the health resorts of the region, the results of the work for 2020 were summed up.
So, during the reporting period, taking into account the difficult epidemiological situation both in the region and in the republic as a whole, 67,277 residents of the region received health improvement on the basis of the spread of coronavirus infection on the basis of sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the republic, which is 44% less than last year. On the implementation of these tasks, 20 million rubles of public funds were spent, which amounted to 73.3% by 2019.
The region provides one hundred percent coverage of all those wishing to receive sanatorium treatment for disabled people and participants in the Great Patriotic War, as well as other categories that have an extraordinary free right to receive vouchers. Thus, 10 veterans of the Great Patriotic War underwent spa treatment in the health resorts of the republic. Also, 1,286 disabled people of I and II groups who live in the region and have a free priority right to receive vouchers have improved their health.
Special attention is paid to the organization of sanatorium-resort treatment and health improvement of children. In general, in 2020, 56.8 thousand children of the region received health improvement in sanatoriums and health camps of all types, which is 48.8% less than last year, including about 8 thousand children living and studying in contaminated areas and 45 , 7 thousand in health camps, including in the summer - 25.6 thousand.
The coverage of children in the Brest region with health improvement in the summer of 2020 of the number of students was 15.7%. The health improvement plan, taking into account the strictly declarative principle and the epidemiological situation, was fulfilled by 40.3%.
In the summer period, special attention is paid to the improvement of socially unprotected categories of children. In camps of all types, 1025 children left without parental care and orphans, 236 children with disabilities, 591 children in preventive care and in a socially dangerous situation and 2792 children from large families, which is 18% of all children, rested who have received a recovery. To reduce the cost of vouchers to health camps for children of public sector employees, an additional payment up to the full cost of vouchers for disabled children, orphans and other socially unprotected categories, 304.0 thousand rubles were used from the local budget (2019 - 425.6 thousand rubles).
In the Brest region, there are currently 43 certified sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of various departmental subordination and forms of ownership, including 15 health-resort organizations (including 2 students), 4 recreation centers, 3 health centers and 21 stationary health camps.
In connection with the restrictive measures since April 2020, during the period of the rise in the incidence of coronavirus infection, an active explanatory work was carried out with the health resort organizations of the region, a letter was sent to the BOCHEiOZ and the OIC with recommendations on measures to prevent and spread the infection, it was recommended to introduce restrictive measures in relation to persons, arriving from other areas.
In the period from May to July 2020, the work of 10 health resort organizations in the region was suspended, 5 institutions continued their work with an average load of 15%, in each of them action plans were developed to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus infection. The same plans have been developed and put into effect in every health resort and recreation organization that hosts holidaymakers.
The occupancy rate of sanatorium-resort organizations in the region at the end of 2020 amounted to 66.7% (2019 - 87.6%). The total proceeds from the sale of services amounted to RUB 46.3 million, or 66.7% to the previous year.
Income from the export of spa and wellness services amounted to 4.5 million rubles, or 24% compared to the previous year. 4.8 thousand foreign citizens or 20.4% of the last year rested in the health resorts of the region.
The sanatorium and health-improving system in the Brest region is constantly developing. Every year, health resorts invest significant funds in capital and current repairs, the purchase of new modern medical equipment and inventory, and landscaping. Reconstruction and new construction are also carried out at the expense of own and borrowed funds. So, in 2020, 9.6 million rubles were spent on improving the material and technical base of sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations. (2019 - 10.7 million rubles), including:
- in the Unitary Enterprise "ASB sanatorium "Solnechny", the construction of a new pool was carried out, which is planned to be put into operation in 2021, for which 3 million rubles were spent;
- in OJSC "Sanatorium "Ruzhansky"a SPA complex was reequipped for carrying out rehabilitation and recovery procedures, new equipment was purchased, work was carried out to improve the territory and 1.3 million rubles of the owner's funds were spent;
- in the sanatorium "Svitanok", RUE "Granit", the buildings of the sanatorium and the health-improving complex were reconstructed in the amount of 538.0 thousand rubles;
- in the recreation camp "Electron" of the branch of RUE "Brestenergo" Baranovichi electrical networks in the first dormitory building, current repairs of all living rooms with replacement of heating were carried out, for which 234.8 thousand rubles were spent;
- in the recreation camp "Verba" of the separate structural subdivision (branch) "Recreation center" RUE "Brest branch of the Belarusian Railway", current repairs of buildings and structures were carried out, technological equipment (combi steamer, refrigeration equipment) was purchased, repair work of the water supply system was carried out and 163 , 4 thousand rubles.
The work on sanatorium-resort treatment and health improvement of the population of the Brest region will continue.