On the activities of sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the Minsk region to create a barrier-free environment

In pursuance of measures for the implementation of the State Program on Social Protection and Promotion of Employment of the Population for 2016-2020, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of January 30, 2016 No. 73 on the implementation of the subprogram "Barrier-free living environment for disabled and physically impaired persons" by the owners of sanatorium organizations located on the territory of the Minsk region, a lot of work has been done to create a room stock and improve social infrastructure facilities in order to equip them with ramps, handrails, expand entrance blocks, install elevators, landscaping and other activities aimed at creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities and physically weakened persons.
Over the past five years, 118 rooms for wheelchair users have been created in sanatorium-resort organizations located in the Minsk region, which is 2.7% of the total number of rooms.
Of these, 16 rooms for this category of citizens in two specialized sanatoriums of the region State Institution "Republican sanatorium" Vyazhuti "for disabled people with musculoskeletal disorders" and "Republican sanatorium" Berezina "for veterans of war, labor and invalids", in which for 2020 134 wheelchair users received spa treatment.
Despite the current situation associated with the announcement by WHO of a pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19, in 2020 in the health resorts of the region:
1. Калі створанае чатыры нумары для людзей з абмежаванымі магчымасцямі.
2. Unique playgrounds and playgrounds have been created at the Nadezhda Children's Children's Health Center, which naturally fit into the natural landscape, allowing children with disabilities to develop their abilities and learn about their own body through movement and feelings, doing this together with ordinary children. The playgrounds and playgrounds of the children's center are icy with a barrier-free environment of the adjacent territories, which allows them to be used by any group of children. 
A ropeway for children with disabilities, a large rocking nest, a balancer, a trampoline, a spring rocking nest, a ship with a tower and other complexes were created specifically for children with disabilities. Spending time in the play space created at the Nadezhda Children's Children's Health Center, children will receive a lot of positive emotions, sensations and a psychotherapeutic effect.
Rooms, classrooms, rooms for circle work, accessible for living and visiting children with disabilities, are located on the ground floor level. The main entrances to the buildings are equipped with ramps with a standard slope and handrails on two levels. On the adjacent territory of dormitories, schools, a barrier-free environment is provided, which provides children with disabilities with the opportunity for independent orientation in space and unhindered movement.
For reference: in 2020, 136 children with disabilities underwent sanatorium-and-spa treatment at the Nadezhda JLLC under the state program.
3. In the branch "Sanatorium" Sosnovy Bor "OJSC" Belagrozdravnitsa "the entrance to the building is equipped with a personnel call button. A sound detector is installed. The elevator cabins are equipped in accordance with the requirements of TCP 45-02-2017 (33020). facilities on the 1st floor of the newly built building No. 4. On the first floor of the medical building there is a toilet room for disabled people in accordance with the requirements of TCP 45-3.02-2017 (33020). for people with disabilities, and sanitary facilities.
The work in this direction by sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the region will continue in the future.