On assignment of the highest category to sanatorium-resort organizations of the Vitebsk region

On May 7, 2021, by the decision of the Republican Commission for State Attestation of Sanatorium and Resort and Recreation Organizations, two sanatoriums of the Vitebsk region were assigned the highest category: the communal unitary enterprise "Children's Rehabilitation and Health Center" Zhemchuzhina "and a separate structural unit (branch) Sanatorium" Zheleznodorozhnik "transport republican unitary enterprises "Vitebsk Branch of the Belarusian Railway".
The assignment of the highest category to the Zhemchuzhina children's rehabilitation and health center is a natural result of the work of the team to ensure sustainable development and growth. Over the past five years, excellent results have been achieved in strengthening the human resources and material and technical base of the center. Today, the center employs 13 specialist doctors who fully carry out medical activities in the main medical profiles: treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, circulatory system and musculoskeletal pathology.
The children's rehabilitation and health center "Pearl" is located in the Lepel region in a pine-deciduous forest on the shores of the Shchibot and Mukhno lakes.
On the territory of the center, there are two wells of natural mineral water supplying water to the bathroom, pool and pump room. The mineral water pump-room is equipped with a dosing and water heating unit up to t 30, 35, 40 o C and is used in drinking cure schemes for various nosologies.


Today, in treatment regimens, doctors specialists prescribe such modern therapeutic procedures as normoxic barotherapy, vacuum therapy, carboxytherapy, pharmacopuncture, pneumo-compression therapy, and combined laser therapy. The capabilities of the clinical diagnostic laboratory and diagnostic rooms of the center have significantly increased.
Together with the staff of the EE "Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov" research work "Efficiency of monitoring of physical culture and health-improving classes and diet on the basis of a mobile application with schoolchildren in the Municipal Unitary Enterprise" Children's Rehabilitation and Health Center "Pearl" ... The introduction of the Zhemchuzhina mobile application into the practice of preventive work with children has significantly increased the effectiveness of training and motivating patients for a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, organization of the daily routine and physical activity.
Over the past 5 years, the Zhemchuzhina Center has spent about three million rubles to strengthen the material and technical base. The canteen, sports grounds were modernized, a video surveillance system, a fire alarm system, an artificial turf on the football field were installed, a children's play complex "Laguna" was erected, medical equipment was renewed, major repairs and modernization of dormitories were carried out.
DROTS "Zhemchuzhina" does not stop there and assumes sustainable development for the coming years. In 2022, it is planned to put into operation a new dormitory building for 166 beds, which provides 10 rooms for wheelchair users and patients with disabilities. Accommodation, meals and treatment of physically disabled persons, as well as equipment of the sensory room will be concentrated in one building. The development and formation of a barrier-free environment for the entire sanatorium complex is actively continuing.
As part of the purchase of medical equipment, a new direction has been chosen. It is planned to purchase equipment based on biofeedback principles. This will significantly improve the quality of health-improving and treatment programs, as well as provide an opportunity to prove the effectiveness of the ongoing treatment.
The health resort "Zheleznodorozhnik" of the transport republican unitary enterprise "Vitebsk Branch of the Belarusian Railway" is located in Pridvinskiy Bor at the balneo-climatic resort of Lettsy. Natural healing factors: aerotherapy and balneotherapy with mineral water determine the medical profiles of the sanatorium: diseases of the circulatory system; diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue; respiratory diseases; diseases of the digestive system; diseases of the nervous system; diseases of the female genital organs.
The sanatorium is headed by a doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences A.A. Marchenko. Highly qualified medical specialists work under his supervision: therapist, pediatrician, neurologist, reflexologist, gynecologist, rehabilitation therapist, psychotherapist, doctors of functional and ultrasound diagnostics. The staff of the health resort has published more than 50 scientific works. Unique technologies of restorative medicine, confirmed by patents, are used: vertical underwater traction of the spine, designed by A.A. Bartashevich. other. Diagnostics and treatment are carried out on the basis of the License of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus for 15 types of medical activity.

In 2015, a large-scale reconstruction of the sanatorium was completed with the creation of a barrier-free environment and comfortable conditions for accommodating vacationers. A medical building with a swimming pool was added, the most modern physiotherapy equipment was put into operation. The decoration of the health resort is a winter garden with a mineral water pump-room.

Currently, modern effective methods of diagnosis and treatment have been introduced: densitometry in the prevention of osteoporosis, colposcopy, hirudotherapy, high-power laser therapy, SPA procedures, etc.

Various programs have been developed for the organization of leisure: dance evenings, competitions, karaoke, concerts, performances, creative evenings, excursions, exhibitions of artists, demonstration of films. It has become a tradition to hold the Volaty Pridvinya festival, the Days of National Cultures. At the guests' service there is a library, a gym, tennis, billiards, a summer stage, sports grounds.