On readiness to conduct a children's summer health campaign in 2021 in the Minsk region

In the Minsk region, it is planned to improve 61305 children or 39% of the total number of students, of which: more than 26 thousand children in camps with round-the-clock stay, about 35 thousand children in camps with a day stay.
During the summer health campaign, about 1000 health camps of all types will be involved.
To ensure full summer recreation and health improvement for children in a suburban stay in the Minsk region in the summer, there will be 25 stationary health camps around the clock for 3.6 thousand places (21 camps are in communal ownership, 4 camps are on the balance of enterprises and organizations)
A new "Health Camp" White Rosy "will start its work in the Minsk region.
Special attention is paid to the improvement of socially unprotected categories of children. During the summer campaign, more than 2,130 orphans and 1,280 disabled children will be provided with free tickets.
During the summer holidays, it is also planned to organize the work of 125 labor and recreation camps in the Minsk region, in which 1,860 students will be rehabilitated.
About 800 thousand rubles were allocated to prepare children's health camps for the summer season of 2021. Of them:
88.5 thousand rubles - by the Minsk regional department of the Republican center for health improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population;
257 thousand rubles - from the funds of regional budgets;
300 thousand rubles - from the reserve fund of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee;
122 thousand rubles - from the funds of the owners of departmental health camps;
22.5 thousand rubles - from the funds earned on the regional subbotnik.
The average cost of a voucher to stationary camps with round-the-clock stay of the education, sports and tourism departments of the Minsk region will be 390 rubles; in departmental stationary camps - 780 rubles, in camps with a day stay - 121 rubles, in labor and recreation camps - 122 rubles.
The representative office of the Minsk Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population has allocated 7.7 million state funds to reduce the cost of vouchers from the republican budget.
The selection and training for work in the camps of leaders, teachers, medical workers and catering workers was provided.
In order to control the progress of the health campaign, constant monitoring of the work of the camps will be ensured with the participation of all interested services.