About the sanatorium "Health Academy" of the branch of JSC "Management company of the holding" HORIZON "Social complex

From December 01, 2020, the branch "Sanatorium" Bogatyr "of the open joint-stock company" MINSK PLANT "TERMOPLAST" was transferred to the balance of the branch of JSC "Management company of the holding" HORIZON "Social complex.
From March 29, 2021, the "Bogatyr" sanatorium was renamed into the "Health Academy" sanatorium. Changes are carried out in accordance with the concept of renovation of the sanatorium.
JK Rowling's fantasy novels "Harry Potter" are very popular among the children's audience. And in order to make the stay of children who are on recovery more interesting and exciting, it was decided to use the concept of this book in the work of the sanatorium.
The name of the sanatorium - "Academy of Health" currently corresponds to the elements of the interior, entertainment events, which allows children and parents to neutralize the negative perception of the sanatorium as a "hospital" with a strict daily routine and the fulfillment of doctors' orders. The general emotional state during his stay at the Health Academy sanatorium will give the child the opportunity to plunge into the world of fantasy and feel a little bit like a magician.
Medical profile of the sanatorium: diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, diseases of the organs of vision and adnexa.
To improve the quality of the rendered ophthalmological medical procedures in 2021, modern new medical equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation was purchased and installed: a magnetic therapy apparatus with a running reversible magnetic field "AMO-ATOS"; apparatus for the treatment of amblyopia by the method of "blinding" photostimulation with the formation of a consistent image "AMBLIOTER"; device for training binocular vision according to the method of professor T.P. Kashchenko "MIRAGE".
The capacity of the sanatorium (from September 01 to May 25) is 240 beds, in the summer period (from June 1 to August 31) - 300 beds. The sanatorium is open all year round.
Children are accommodated in double and quadruple rooms in two-storey buildings located in close proximity to the medical building and the dining room building.
Sanatorium "Health Academy" is located in a picturesque pine forest on the banks of the Rybchanka river near the village of Udranka, Radoshkovichi village council, Molodechno district, Minsk region.