About the beginning of the summer health campaign in 2021 in the Mogilev region

The summer health campaign in the Mogilev region began on May 30 with the opening of the Rodnik health camp of the Regional Center for Creativity state institution of additional education, which this year will be organized in five shifts, instead of the traditional four.
It is planned to organize the work of 743 camps in the region - 178 round-the-clock (of which 16 are stationary) and 565 day camps.
The number of stationary camps in the region has remained stable since 2016. In addition, this year, as a result of the targeted use of funds earned on the republican subbotnik in 2020, more than 200 thousand rubles were allocated to strengthen the material and technical base of the Zarya health camp of the open joint-stock company of the bakery and confectionery company Domochay. at the expense of which the repair of the fourth floor of the residential building of the camp was carried out, which made it possible to increase its capacity by 45 places.
he average total cost of a voucher for 18 days in a round-the-clock camp will be about 470 rubles. Their cost is set within the price growth index - 5 percent.
By the decision of the regional executive committee, 205,632 rubles were allocated to children of employees of budgetary organizations to reduce the cost of vouchers to camps with a round-the-clock stay of at least 18 days. (based on 75% of the living wage budget for one voucher, 204.95 rubles), for an additional payment up to the full cost of a voucher to camps for the rehabilitation of orphans and children left without parental care, as well as disabled children who are studying at children's boarding institutions, more than 150 thousand rubles are provided.
Rational use of the funding allocated from various sources allows to fully meet the needs of students for summer health improvement.
Training seminars were held for organizers of summer recreation and health improvement.
In order to avoid epidemiological risks, the work of the camps is organized in accordance with the Methodological Recommendations for the prevention of the emergence and spread of COVID-19 when organizing the work of health camps, approved by the Ministries of Health and Education, the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population.
In order to promote safe and responsible behavior among minors, on June 1, the regional preventive action "Life is beautiful! Think! Take care of yourself!" It will begin with the "Safe and Active Summer" flash mob, which will be joined by all health camps.