On the preparation of the camps in the Vitebsk region for the summer health season 2021

In the summer of 2021, 30 stationary health camps and 2 camps at rented bases are planned to operate in the Vitebsk region.
For the preparation and strengthening of the material and technical base of suburban health camps, 105.5 thousand rubles of state funds were allocated, from the regional budget - 340.0 thousand rubles, 125.0 thousand rubles from the funds of the republican subbotnik and 1300.0 thousand rubles are planned to be spent on these goals are the owners of the objects.
From the regional budget, 60.0 thousand rubles were allocated for the additional payment of vouchers for children with disabilities, children from large families, children with psychophysical disabilities of employees of budgetary organizations financed from the regional budget, children whose both parents are not working people with disabilities or pensioners, children left without parental care and under the care of non-working pensioners. Also, funds were allocated to pay for 45 vouchers for disabled children with cerebral palsy and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, eyes and hearing organs. Each group of children will be accompanied by two accompanying specialists. Children will undergo health improvement in the Raduga camp of the Vitebsk Regional Children's Clinical Center. 
Also, funds from the regional budget will be directed to the health improvement of 30 children aged 13 to 18 years, with whom individual preventive work is carried out, from disadvantaged, low-income and large families, children left without parental care.
More than 350 thousand rubles have been allocated from the budgets of cities and districts of the region to pay for vouchers for socially unprotected categories of children.
Funds for the preparation of the camps were allocated for specific work. Thus, at the expense of the republican subbotnik, the roof of the canteen was repaired in the recreation camp “Lesnaya Skazka” of OJSC “Vitebskkhlebprom”. In the Lipki health camp, the Vitebsk DSK SKUP replaced the kitchen equipment. In the "Lenok" camp of the "Orshansky flax-processing plant" OJSC, the entrance door groups were replaced.
The owners of the health camps have made every effort to carry out work on the repair of buildings, replacement of outdated equipment, and landscaping.
Open joint-stock company "Naftan" spent more than 1000.0 thousand rubles for the preparation of the "Kometa" camp. A chic amphitheater for 500 seats was built on the camp territory, an outdoor training anti-vandal complex was installed , children's playgrounds and towns with slides. Children's health camps in the region have passed the acceptance and have already begun to improve the health of children.