On the health improvement of children in the Mogilev region in the first shift of the summer period of 2021

In the first shift of the summer period of 2021, the rehabilitation of children and adolescents was carried out on the basis of 15 stationary camps, in which 2330 people were rehabilitated, in 8 rented bases, including 4 sanatorium organizations - 686 children. Also, in the first shift, 17 round-the-clock specialized camps lasting 9 and 15 days worked. A total of 41 health camps with round-the-clock stay in which 4054 people were rehabilitated and 487 camps with a day stay - 21,232 schoolchildren worked.
In total, during the 1st shift, 25286 people or 57.5 percent of the planned number of children underwent health improvement.
As a result of the first shift, 841 people from the privileged category were recovered, including 255 disabled children, 586 from the number of orphans.
During the first shift, 5527 people were recovered from among the pupils of sports institutions of the region or 21.8 percent of the total number of recovered people, including 600 people in round-the-clock sports and health camps, with 4927 people with a day stay.
The average cost of a voucher in a round-the-clock stationary camp was 456.0 rubles, a sports round-the-clock - 316.0 rubles, in a profile (tent) for a period of 9 days - 125.0 rubles, 15 days - 172.0 rubles, a sports 9-day - 236.0 rubles, 15-day - 258.0 rubles, in a camp with a day stay - 108.0 rubles, in a sports daytime - 123.0 rubles, in a labor and rest camp - 118.0 rubles.
The utilization of stationary health camps in shift I amounted to 94.0 percent of the available capacity.
In the summer of 2021, camps are traditionally organized in the region in various profiles and areas of activity. During the first shift in such camps, 11,467 children were rehabilitated.
So, in the city of Mogilev, specialized camps worked together with the UO "Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus", PA "Red Cross"; The Department of Security; Youth Parliament at the Mogilev City Council of Deputies. For students of institutions of general secondary education, requiring special pedagogical attention, a camp was organized for students of the sub-category "Teenager" of a social and pedagogical profile. The activities of the camp are aimed at legal education of minors, the formation of law-abiding behavior, and the prevention of illegal acts.
In the first shift, 1,549 children combined useful work and rest.
The main tasks of the camps were to improve the health of children; formation of healthy lifestyle skills; the formation of social norms and values; meeting the individual needs of children for intellectual, moral, physical improvement; development of students' creative abilities.
When working with children, their age characteristics, capabilities and interests are taken into account. Much attention was paid to civil-patriotic, environmental, labor education, the formation of a healthy lifestyle.
When organizing the work of health camps, measures are taken to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19 infection.