Minsk city conference "Results of the summer health campaign in 2021 and tasks for 2022"


October 8, 2021 on the basis of the health camp. Gagarin of the state enterprise "Minsktrans" was held, which has already become traditional, the annual city conference on the results of the summer health campaign in 2021 with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Tsuran A.N.
The conference was organized by the Minsk City Administration of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population, the Education Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the Minsk City Association of Trade Union Organizations.
The conference was attended by: Chairman of the Minsk City Council of Deputies Bugrov A.A., Deputy Director of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population Tsai A.A., Chairman of the Minsk City Association of Trade Union Organizations Shchekovich A.V. heads of committees and departments of the Minsk City Executive Committee, deputy heads and heads of education departments of administrations of districts of Minsk, heads of enterprises-owners, heads of out-of-town health camps, representatives of interested institutions and services of the city.
The conference was opened by Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Tsuran A.N. He noted that the health campaign was held at a high organizational level:
— New educational programs were implemented, specialized shifts took place. The children managed not only to relax, but also to get completely new skills that cannot be mastered in a school environment.
Nafranovich V.A., Head of the Minsk City Administration of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the Population, reported on the results of the summer rehabilitation of the capital's schoolchildren in 2021 and the tasks for 2022.
According to the speaker, during the summer season of 2021, more than 61 thousand metropolitan schoolchildren were able to improve their health in 713 camps of various types. management) of organizations in Minsk, the planned capacity of which was 8294 places per shift. 31,812 children were rehabilitated at their base during the season, including 29,825 with the use of subsidies.
In order to effectively use the available capacities of country camps, their work during the summer period was organized in the following modes: 6 camps worked in 5 shifts, 22 camps worked in 4 shifts,
2 camps - in 3 shifts.
Day camps turned out to be no less popular among young residents of Minsk. In total, 493 of them were opened at the bases of schools, gymnasiums, institutions of additional education. And more than 24 thousand children chose this way of spending time.
Valery Nafranovich also stressed that the priority direction in the organization of children's recreation is still the improvement of children in difficult life situations, including children with disabilities. For these categories of children, in accordance with the decision of the Minsk City Council of Deputies of November 16, 2016 No. 243 “On the establishment of social support measures for certain categories of citizens”, funds are allocated from the city budget to reduce the cost of vouchers and pay up to the full cost of vouchers to out-of-town health camps.
The measures taken made it possible to improve the health of 1,550 children from among orphans and children under guardianship in camps with daytime and round-the-clock stay. Vouchers are fully paid from the city budget.
The practice of improving the health of disabled children who were sent to camps with day (based on correctional and developmental education centers) and round-the-clock stay together with teachers of boarding schools continued. A total of 953 disabled children have been rehabilitated. Including 100 disabled children with diabetes and cardiopathology, accompanied by one of the parents at the Isloch sanatorium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus at the expense of the budget of Minsk and the republican budget.
Children of state employees of municipal property organizations received additional payments from the city budget when purchasing vouchers to country camps in the amount of up to 120 rubles per 1 voucher. 1662 children used this type of assistance.
In order to prevent delinquency and prevent asocial behavior of adolescents during the summer season, using the funds of the city budget and state social insurance, 734 children are sent to health camps with daytime and round-the-clock stay, consisting of various types of registration and brought up in dysfunctional families.
To meet the needs of children in various types of activities and to acquire useful skills, 136 labor and recreation camps (teams) with daytime and round-the-clock stay were organized, in which 1374 teenagers improved their health.

A special place in the system of moral and patriotic education of children and adolescents is occupied by their stay in military-patriotic camps.
Together with employees of military units, border outposts, educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 24 military-patriotic camps (detachments) were organized, covering 712 children.
In his report, Valery Nafranovich also noted that the activities of the camps were carried out taking into account the implementation of the recommended sanitary and hygienic measures in full, a number of additional measures in accordance with the requirements of the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the Republican Center for health improvement and sanatorium treatment of the population for the prevention of the introduction and spread of COVID-19 infection in the organization of the work of health and sanatorium organizations during the summer health campaign for children.
Particular attention is paid to ensuring the provision of round-the-clock medical care in out-of-town health camps, including ambulance and urgent care, and ensuring round-the-clock duty of vehicles.
Children were admitted for rehabilitation only if they had health certificates containing information about the absence of infectious diseases and first-level contact with patients with COVID-19. Similar requirements were imposed on employees of health camps.
All camps were provided with a sufficient amount of personal protective equipment, disinfectants and antiseptics.
Daily monitoring of the state of pupils by medical workers was ensured: daily thermometry was carried out, the principles of social distancing were observed during events, and when catering, the placement of children in dining rooms was carried out taking into account the necessary distance.
Mass events were held outdoors. To ensure the employment of minors in health camps, remote classes were organized in associations of interest, virtual tours were held.
This year, more than 4.3 million rubles have been allocated from consolidated sources to carry out activities to prepare country health camps in Minsk for the summer season (in 2020 - 9 million rubles, including 1.4 million rubles from subbotniks) ), including: from the city budget - 1.5 million rubles, funds from the owners of health camps - 2.7 million rubles, the republican budget - 122.009 thousand rubles.
However, as Valery Nafranovich emphasized in his report, the owners of the camps make practically no efforts to attract foreign gratuitous aid for the implementation of interesting, promising projects within the framework of the functioning of the camps in accordance with the instructions contained in the Set of Measures for Attracting Foreign Grant Aid to the Republic of Belarus for period until 2020, approved by the Executive Director of the President of the Republic of Belarus and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus on January 16, 2018 No. 22-21/83/35/112-2/14.
In the final part of the report, the head of the Minsk City Administration of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the Population Nafranovich V.A. noted that the children's health camps of enterprises and organizations in Minsk spent the season at a high level, worked with dignity, thereby confirming their leading positions among the health camps of our republic.
A report on compliance with sanitary and epidemic legislation in health camps in the summer season of 2021 and tasks for 2022 was made by Deputy Chief Sanitary Doctor of Minsk Getyuk G.V. In his speech, he assessed the effectiveness of children's health improvement in children's health camps in Minsk in the summer of 2021, noting that more than 95 percent of schoolchildren received a pronounced health effect after resting in summer camps. The specialist noted that it is the out-of-town vacation that is the most favorable for the health of children, therefore, if possible, the number of those who have been there should be increased.
Director of the state enterprise "School Catering Plant of Minsk" Lukashevich N.V. spoke about ways to develop and improve the organization of school meals in children's health camps in 2022.
The General Director of the State Enterprise "Minsktrans" told the audience about the role of the state enterprise "Minsktrans" in strengthening the material and technical base of the health camp named after Gagarin
Dzyubenko O.A.
Summing up the results of the city conference, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Tsuran A.N. stressed that the city authorities will continue to support the system of summer recreation for children. The leadership of Minsk is in favor of preserving the existing base of out-of-town health camps and will not allow their re-profiling.

It would be wiser not to get rid of camps, but, taking into account the requirements of the time, to use the existing potential for year-round rehabilitation of children and employees of enterprises in the industry, organizing cultural and sports events on their bases, where there are opportunities, to switch to full or partial self-sufficiency.
Preparing work programs for the next year, we must be aware that for the future state and social development, only the organization of leisure, food and life is no longer enough. It is necessary to define new meaningful approaches that create opportunities for children to master such knowledge and life experience that other social institutions cannot provide.
At the end of the conference, the winners of the city review-competition for the best health camp were awarded, as well as the employees who made a significant contribution to the organization and conduct of the 2021 summer health campaign.