Improvement of schoolchildren in the Brest region during the winter holidays 2021-2022

The happy and cheerful time of children's recreation during the winter holidays is over and the children will remember with nostalgia the interesting time spent in health camps.
An excellent way to organize children's leisure for the vacation period is a health camp. While the parents are working, the child improves health, relaxes, communicates with his peers and receives a lot of positive emotions under the supervision of attentive qualified staff. An undoubted plus of the health camp is three full-fledged hot meals a day.
During the winter holidays, more than 8 thousand schoolchildren of the Brest region underwent rehabilitation. The work of 245 health camps with day stays was organized on the basis of institutions of general secondary education, additional education for children and youth, and on the basis of specialized educational and sports institutions.
Particular attention was paid to improving the health of children of socially unprotected categories. 88 orphans, 92 disabled children, 378 children who are on preventive records and are in a socially dangerous situation have been rehabilitated.
The average cost of a voucher to a health camp with a day stay on average in the region was 40 rubles 80 kopecks. Each child was provided with state assistance in the form of a reduction in the cost of vouchers in the amount of 4 rubles 20 kopecks for one bed-day.
Every day in the health camps was scheduled by the minute. In a short time, the guys were able to learn something new, meet new friends, get positive emotions and a positive charge. A variety of events were organized in each health camp for children: New Year's mornings and evenings, exciting game programs, quizzes, relay races, sportlands, music competitions, excursions, circles and sections.
In addition, each child could attend additional classes, which were organized at the request of students. Classes were held in mathematics, physics, foreign languages, Russian and Belarusian languages ​​and other academic subjects.
In the region, taking into account the difficult epidemiological situation, comprehensive measures were taken to create the most favorable and safe conditions for schoolchildren in health camps.
In the school camps during the winter vacation period, a warm atmosphere reigned, warmed by kindness and care. Children were able to relax with health benefits and plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of adventure, creativity, friendship and a real miracle!