Key performance indicators of sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the Minsk region for the first half of 2022


For the first half of 2022, 153.3 thousand people (116,366.4 thousand rubles) received treatment and rehabilitation in sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations located in the Minsk region, including at the expense of legal entities and individuals - 125 .7 thousand people (69,338.5 thousand rubles), at the expense of the republican budget and the state extra-budgetary fund for social protection of the population of the Republic of Belarus - 27.6 thousand people (26,932.6 thousand rubles).

In order to increase sanatorium and resort services, sanatoriums are developing new types of health programs.

For reference: in the Republican unitary enterprise “Sanatorium “Priozerny” of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, in order to attract more clients on a massive scale, and as a result, increase tourist services, the sanatorium has developed short-term medical programs (gynecology, diagnostics), which allows tourists to combine leisure with necessary medical examinations, as well as obtaining advice from qualified specialists without visiting polyclinics.

State Institution "Sanatorium" Yunost "of the Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus with the opening of a renovated medical department - Wellness & SPA center, a whole list of new types of medical and SPA services has been introduced: physiotherapy, massages, care and injection cosmetology, permanent makeup, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, cedar barrel , amber room, salt cave, cosmetologist consultations and cosmetics, bioimpedancemetry, pressure therapy, non-contact body shaping, RF lifting, carboxytherapy and others.

From July 20, 2022, Vesta Service Center LLC introduces three new types of vouchers: Healthy Heart, Taking Care of Your Back and Freedom of Movement. To attract more guests, all vouchers include unlimited use of the gym and sports facilities of the sanatorium: gym, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball court, etc.

In the DUP "Sanatorium" Belorusochka" SKUP "Belrofsoyuzkurort" during the current year, new methods of treatment have been introduced:

- "The method of complex treatment with the use of pneumocompression therapy and laser therapy in combination with a thioctic acid preparation";

- "The method of complex treatment of post-covid syndrome, by sequential or combined use of hypoxic therapy, supravenous laser blood irradiation and non-contact water massage against the background of psychotherapy sessions";

- "Method of combined use of intravenous ozone therapy and gravitational therapy using the "Inversion Table for therapeutic effects on the patient" in the treatment of residual effects after a COVID-19 infection." A compression therapy device "Lymphostim" was purchased.

The principles of network marketing, which involve bonuses for regular guests of the sanatorium, have been developed and are being implemented. A discount, bonus loyalty program is widespread (discounts for customers with early bookings, members of the federation of trade unions and their children have a 25% discount).

To increase exports, work in social networks has been strengthened, the flow of targeted and contextual advertising has been increased, taking into account the new realities of Instagram and Facebook, SEO and SMM are being analyzed; in order to increase the flow of guests from the Russian Federation, agreements are concluded with the OTA platform for the placement of advertising information about sanatoriums. In the first half of 2022, more than 20.8 thousand foreign citizens (28,035.3 thousand rubles) received sanatorium treatment and rehabilitation in the sanatoriums of the region, for the same period in 2021 - 14.3 thousand foreign citizens (17,443.0 thousand rubles).

For reference: in the first half of this year, more than 17.5 thousand citizens from the Russian Federation, more than 455 people from Lithuania and more than 390 from Latvia, more than 140 from Estonia, more than 116 from Azerbaijan and other countries visited the health resorts of the region.