Results of the summer wellness campaign 2022 in the Brest region


The season of mass children's recreation is over and children with nostalgia will remember the interesting time spent in health camps. Having visited the summer camp, the guys plunged into a completely different world, found new friends, learned a lot of new and interesting things, became more independent.

The life of the children in the health camps was quite eventful - these were daily sportlands, quizzes, relay races, competitions between teams, game programs, music competitions, excursions and other various events. In addition, instructive conversations were held with the guys and they touched on various topics: the harm of drugs, alcohol and smoking, behavior with strangers, the benefits of playing sports, fire safety rules, traffic rules, personal hygiene, etc.

With a plan of 61.5 thousand children, over 65 thousand children of the Brest region rested in health camps, which amounted to 105.7% of the plan and 107% of the number of those who recovered last year. There were 933 camps, 198 of them with round-the-clock stay and 735 with day stay. The state allocated 8.2 million rubles to reduce the cost of vouchers.

During the summer period, 22 stationary health camps functioned in the region, in which more than 14.0 thousand children underwent rehabilitation. All country camps worked in four or more shifts.

Particular attention in the region is paid to the organization of labor and recreation camps for children aged 14-18. During the summer period, 144 labor and recreation camps functioned to improve the health of more than 2 thousand teenagers.

Attention was also paid to the civil-patriotic education of children. Practically in all regions of the region, the work of recreation camps of a military-patriotic and defense-sports profile is organized with the participation of military units and formations of the Ministries of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the State Border Committee. Thus, 141 patriotic camps/detachments were organized in the region, 7846 children were improved in them.

12.6 thousand young athletes rested in sports and recreation camps, which amounted to 108.6% of the plan.

It should be noted that in the summer period of this year, 1837 orphans, 726 disabled children, 1348 children who are on preventive records and in a socially dangerous situation and 10769 children from large families were rehabilitated. In the fourth shift, at two bases (Municipal Unitary Enterprise "HEC "Svitanak" and State Educational Institution "Health Camp Volna-Lyuban, Kobrin District"), specialized shifts were organized for disabled children together with their parents, in which 5 children of this category were improved.

The issue of ensuring the safety of rest and health improvement of children is under constant control. Throughout the summer period, monitoring was carried out by interdepartmental commissions established in the districts and at the regional level.

During the summer health campaign in 2022, sanitary and epidemiological well-being, fire safety and water safety were ensured in the region. There was no outbreak or group incidence among children.

Health camps were provided with high-quality domestic food products, necessary medicines, and were staffed with qualified teachers, medical workers and cooks.

As a result, thanks to the joint interdepartmental efforts of workers involved in the rehabilitation of children, young citizens of our region in the summer period received a full recovery and recreation, versatile education and unforgettable impressions that will remain with them until next summer.