Health Improvement of children in the Gomel region in camps in the summer of 2022


In the Gomel region, in the summer of 2022, 23 round-the-clock health camps were organized for a stay of at least 18 days (8 stationary camps, 15 on a rented base, including 1 health camp based on the SCUE "Sanatorium" Silver Keys "and 1 sports - health-improving on the basis of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Sanatorium" Golden Sands "), 98 round-the-clock camps for a stay of 9 days; 898 day camps.

In total, more than 41 thousand children improved their health over the summer:

- in round-the-clock camps - more than 11 thousand children;

- more than 30,000 children in day camps.

Particular attention was paid to the improvement of children of socially unprotected categories. So, over the summer, 1,198 orphans, 450 disabled children and 1,163 children from among children registered with the inspectorate for juvenile affairs in a socially dangerous situation were able to undergo rehabilitation in the camps. In addition, 20 children of Ukrainian citizens who settled in the Gomel region rested in the health camp with the assistance of the Republican public association "Belarusian Society of the Red Cross".

The work of 250 work and rest camps for daytime and round-the-clock stay was organized, where almost 4,000 teenagers worked and rested.

With the assistance of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee, jobs were created for students in various types of activities with wages. The types of work that teenagers performed: sewing stage costumes, bed linen, landscaping the school grounds, repairing school furniture, making boxes for seedlings of flowers, screens for batteries, weeding flower beds, working in a nursery, caring for garden and forest plantations, and others.

In labor and recreation camps in the Gomel region, teenagers were able to earn from 20.00 rubles to 280.00 rubles.

The Main Department of Education of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee developed and approved the regional project of the interdepartmental program "Summer for the benefit of 2022". The peculiarity of this project is that the number of civil-patriotic, military-patriotic and local history events has been increased.

Events dedicated to the announced Year of Historical Memory have become one of the priorities in planning work in health camps.

So, for example, on June 22, 2022, rallies, talks, and themed evenings dedicated to the Day of National Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War on June 22 were held in almost all camps. In the recreation camp "Seagull" on the basis of the sanatorium "Silver Keys" the action "Candle of Memory" was held at 4.00 in the morning on the monument to the Dnieper flotilla, the participants of which were senior detachments.

Throughout the summer, preventive monitoring of health camps was carried out on compliance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological well-being, fire safety, nutritional standards, and others. The Gomel Regional Executive Committee approved a schedule of trips to health camps with round-the-clock stays in the summer. The group included specialists from the representative office, the sanitary service, and the education department. The recommendations of the working groups were taken into account by the owners of health camps and immediately implemented.

The administration of health camps has taken measures for the safe stay of children.