Improving the health of children in the Grodno region in 1-2 shifts of the summer season


     On the territory of the Grodno region as of 15.07.2022 551 health camps functioned, 427 of them with daytime and 124 with round-the-clock stay of children, including 23 stationary camps. 36,718 (75.6% of the plan) children were rehabilitated, including 11,143 in camps with round-the-clock stay, 25,575 with day stay. 15,991 children improved their health in 19 sports and recreation camps with round-the-clock stay, 5,770 - in camps with day stay. In 23 stationary camps, 6960 children have been rehabilitated.

     Due attention is paid to the improvement of the children of privileged categories. An additional payment was made up to the full cost of a voucher from the funds of the regional, republican budgets for 741 orphans, 354 disabled children to camps with round-the-clock and daytime stay.

           The practice of regional specialized camps "Science", "Pioneer - Leader", "Grodno ART", camps for students of agricultural and pedagogical classes "Profstart" continued. For the third year in a row, the Young Cadet camp has been operating on the basis of the Grodno Regional Cadet School. Work and rest camps continue to work. Particular attention is paid to the work of military-patriotic and defense-sports camps.

          Active work is being carried out on the republican campaign “Dreams are born - dreams come true!”, the review competition of new models of organizing children's recreation “Let's make the summer brighter!”, Patriotic education of children.

Emphasis was placed on ideological, civic and patriotic education, work continued on the implementation of the action plan dedicated to the Year of Historical Memory. Particular attention is paid to holding events dedicated to significant events in the history of the Republic of Belarus and having a special historical and socio-political significance. The implementation of the information and educational project "STEP" continues.

In order to organize useful employment of children and youth during the holidays, 31 institutions of additional education for children and youth operate.

          In all health camps of the Grodno region, solemn lines “Our symbols are our pride!”, Timed to coincide with the beginning and end of the shift, with the raising of the flag and the performance of the anthem of the Republic of Belarus, are provided. Information hours “The coat of arms and the flag are the main symbols of our country” were held.

In general, the camps in the Grodno region operate in the mode of sanitary and epidemic well-being. Violations of the requirements of sanitary norms and rules detected by the centers of hygiene, epidemiology and public health, as a rule, are of an ongoing nature and are eliminated immediately or within the time limits according to the instructions. Emergencies and incidents in the camps are not registered.

         There have been no cases of detection in the camps of persons infected with coronavirus infection in stationary health camps.