Camp "Rescuer" in Slutsk brought together young rescuers-firefighters


Summer holidays make up a significant part of children's free time. This period is most favorable for the development of their creative potential, improvement of personal capabilities, familiarization with the values ​​of culture, entry into the system of social relations, implementation of their own plans, satisfaction of individual interests.

Every day spent in the camp is unforgettable in its own way, full of emotions and impressions. The organizers of children's health camps implement many projects, competitions and educational events to brighten up camp everyday life and make the rest of the pupils memorable.

So, from August 8 to August 25, a specialized health camp for young firefighters was held on the basis of the Minsk Regional Cadet School in Slutsk, where the most active, athletic and talented children of the capital region were gathered. Useful and interesting recreation for them was organized by the institution "Minsk regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations" together with the main department for education of the Minsk regional executive committee, the regional organization of the Belarusian Volunteer Fire Society, the Minsk regional branch of the Belarusian youth public organization of rescuers and firefighters.

Among the most important tasks that the organizers of the camp of young firefighters set for themselves were civil and patriotic education of the younger generation, instilling in the younger generation the skills of caring for historical, cultural and natural monuments. Rest in the camp contributed to the general physical development of adolescents, the disclosure of their creative abilities. Here schoolchildren from the Minsk region learned the skills of survival and safety in emergency situations, consolidated theoretical knowledge on life safety. The camp also professionally oriented students to fire rescue work and further popularized the profession of a firefighter.

For each of the children in the camp, there was an occupation corresponding to their abilities and talents: fire and rescue sports, medicine, life safety, drill, water rescue, KVN, creativity and physical education. Every day, the boys and girls honed their skills, knowledge and skills, had a fun, interesting and useful time, received a balanced diet, and at the same time they were surrounded by the care and attention of their educators and coaches.